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Pennine Business News is the hub for small business news, jobs and opinion. We invite you to submit press releases and opinion articles to the site free of charge  for review by our editors.

Pennine Business News is operated as a space for small businesses to share their news with the world, and for us to provide you with timely and interesting business news and insight. We are looking forward to growing the amount of content we publish as the number of our visitors grows, and as more and more companies begin to utilise the services we provide. We are always open to contact and are happy to receive unsolicited press releases from business of any size. Although we are particularly keen to focus on small to medium sized enterprises, we appreciate that the definition of those is very loose, and that larger entities are also relevant to SMEs in terms of growth, advice and of course, as clients.About Pennine Business News

Pennine Business News is a news outlet for businesses across England. We provide a full directory, PR release services, and the option to advertise any roles within your company  -as well as publishing our own self-sourced news articles and exclusives.

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