Green Flag the new sponsor of ITV National Weather

Green Flag the new sponsor of ITV National Weather: Green Flag, the roadside assistance company from Leeds, is the new sponsor of ITV National Weather.

ITV National Weather have three bulletins throughout the day: at lunchtime, at tea time, and late in the evening.

Green Flag’s campaign will focus on the impact that the UK’s temperamental weather has on car journeys, and what they can do to help. It will be their largest TV sponsorship to date.

Head of marketing at Green Flag, Candace Grelach, said: “While the weather isn’t something we can rely on every day, Green Flag is, which is why we’re delighted to be partnering with ITV.

“There is a natural and compelling link between Green Flag and the weather, giving us a great platform to show and tell people about our brand and the comprehensive service we are able to offer.”

Reuben Cutts

Reuben Cutts

Reuben Cutts is the Editor and main writer for Pennine Business News. His role focuses on the site's day-to-day publications, and he is the main content producer.

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Reuben Cutts

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