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Why Brits Are Binning Their Business Plans

Why Brits are binning their business plans: New research provided to Pennine Business News shows that: Almost 40% of Brits would like to own a business Lack of stable income is the main thing stopping would-be entrepreneurs from taking the leap The stress, finances and long hours associated with owning a company were also cited […]

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Electrification delays hold back northern economy

Delays to rail-electrification leave the UK economy is fundamentally unbalanced. David Cameron admitted back in 2010 that for too long had the lion’s share of growth and investment been focussed on a few regions in the south. In a more recent report from 2013 in the Journal of Economic Geography, authors from the University of […]

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Grexit consequences for the north

Grexit consequences for the north: June 22nd had people around Europe waiting nervously, as the last day for the Greek government to reach a deal with Brussels that would secure more money for the country on the edge of bankruptcy. A great deal of discussion and analysis has gone into whether or not the EU […]

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Labour and its northern strongholds

Labour and its northern strongholds: After a shocking turn of events, the General Election leaves islands of red in a sea of blue. These Labour strongholds are more concentrated in the north of England in places like Durham, South Yorkshire and Manchester. As a result of the disastrous result, Ed Miliband stepped down as Labour […]

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Small businesses urged to seek employment law advice

Small businesses urged to seek employment law advice: Recent changes in employment law regarding the rights of working parents could prove complicated for small business owners, according to a local human resources expert. Emma Fay, director of The HR Dept Wilmslow, believes that although large firms may take the new rules in their stride, smaller […]