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At Pennine Business News we believe that small businesses and SMEs are the backbone of the economy and that they should have the opportunity to promote themselves, gain publicity and increase their turnover! As such, we operate a free press release publication service.

Free Press Release Publication - Pennine Business News

Utilise The Free Press Release Publication From Pennine Business News

To take advantage, simply send your press release to us at All press release submissions are reviewed by human editors, and are subject to some potential changes in wording and format. This is to ensure we deliver the best quality news to our readers in the format most appropriate, and is standard practice for most publications on the internet and in print format.

If you would like to attach relevant images to your release then we are more than happy to include these where applicable and where we feel the image adds value and is relevant to the article in question.

We accept a range of press release submissions for publication on Pennine Business News, including events, whitepapers, financial announcements, promotions and new staff announcements as well as general news releases about your business. We also welcome submissions which relate to small businesses and SMEs – from public sector organisations, charities, and of course, larger businesses who deal with or support small businesses in a variety of ways.

Please note that in all cases, the team at Pennine Business News reserves the right to refuse publication of any article at our own discretion. Where a release is rejected this does not preclude you from submitting any further news items for review – we will review all submissions on an individual basis. Where possible we will provide feedback on why a release has not been published, although given the volume of submissions we receive we regret that this is not always possible.

You can view some of the most recent press releases submitted here: Small Business News


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