Stockport Homes commended for Welfare Reform work

Stockport Homes commended for Welfare Reform work: Stockport Homes has won the ‘Helping Tenants Manage the Impact of Welfare Reform’ award at the NFA awards. The winners were announced at a ceremony at the Hilton Deansgate, Manchester on 15 July. Stockport Homes commended for Welfare Reform work

The award recognises a project or initiative designed to help tenants manage the impacts of welfare reform, that has been well received and can demonstrate positive outcomes for tenants and the wider community.

Stockport Homes won the award for its approach and initiatives to support tenants, with highlights including:

  • Our innovative ‘Pantry’ schemes that have provided volunteering opportunities for our customers
  • Our Money Advice team which has helped customers build budgeting skills and also supports tenants to claim grants and benefits
  • Introduced energy efficiency to all our properties and supported tenants with advice to reduce energy costs


Roger Phillips, Chair of Stockport Homes’ Board said, “We are thrilled to be recognised for our work in helping tenants with welfare reform. Our work and approach is customer-focused so we can provide the best service and advice possible. This award is a welcomed recognition of the work we do and will continue to do for Stockport Homes’ customers.”

Elliot Simmonds

Elliot Simmonds

Managing Editor at Pennine Business News
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Elliot Simmonds

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