Thirty More Years for Stockport Homes

Thirty More Years for Stockport Homes:  Stockport Council has signed a new management agreement with Arms-length Management Organisation Stockport Homes, putting the organisation in charge of managing Stockport’s council housing until 2042. The deal coincides with Stockport Homes’ tenth birthday.

The new agreement allows Stockport Homes to continue improving services for customers and developing new and affordable homes in the Stockport Borough on a long term basis.

Councillor Sue Derbyshire, Leader at Stockport Council, said: “The Council is very pleased to continue working with Stockport Homes to deliver new and affordable homes in Stockport. This agreement will give us the opportunity to carry on with the great work already being done and set out long-term plans to better serve the people of Stockport.”

Thirty More Years for Stockport Homes

Thirty More Years for Stockport Homes

David Wright, Stockport Homes Chair of Board said: “The extension of the management agreement for a long period of time provides us with the opportunity to look further ahead and be even more ambitious in our plans.”

Stockport Homes is also celebrating its tenth birthday this year.

The arm’s length management organisation (ALMO) was launched to improve Stockport’s housing stock in 2005, and surprised much of the housing sector by achieving a three-star rating from the Audit Commission in 2006, the highest possible, for its excellent services and innovation.

This achievement was soon followed by receiving an ‘A’ grade by regulators for its temporary accommodation schemes for homeless people in 2008 at the same time as establishing itself as a top public sector employer, something it has continuously maintained. In 2009, it became the first ALMO to build homes, completing its first new build homes in Brinnington.

In 2010, Stockport Homes completed its drive to bring all homes up to the Decent Homes Standard in line with government targets, before leading the way in the use of renewable energy to heat homes through biomass and solar energy.

Stockport Homes has won many awards. In 2013 was named 2nd Best Landlord in the country by 24Housing magazine, a title it renewed in 2015 after continuing its innovative contribution to helping the most vulnerable in society.

Helen McHale, Chief Executive said: “I’ve been with Stockport Homes for the duration of this journey and it’s been great to see the very real difference we have made to residents in Stockport. Both our staff and customers have a lot to celebrate this October.”

Stockport Homes’ Chair of Board David Wright said: “Stockport Homes really has transformed housing provision in the Borough, increasing supply and quality as well as providing more and better services for customers. Overseeing this for the last ten years, the contribution of my predecessor Roger Phillips has been remarkable and I would like to take this opportunity to thank him.”

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